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Welcome to my web page! I have been a dealer of cast iron banks and toys for 40 years and look at every transaction as a investment in a long term relationship.  I am also very active in the mechanical bank collectors as follows: past president, long term member of the board of directors, hosted 5 conventions, active member of the pricing  guide committee and a active contributor to the "Mechanical Banker" { 3X/year news magazine}. I am also very active in the Still Bank Collectors of America and a long term contributing member of the Toy Collectors of America organizations.


LEAP FROG Pristine Plus Call   Beautiful bank
3 REF. BANKS Pristine to Near Mint $75-225 Photo The large one is hard to find
MISC. STILLS Pristine $350-650 Photo  
GEM Near Mint $1250 Photo Really choice condition
ARCADE YELLOW CAB Pristine $1350 Photo Nice clean wheels
LG. STATUE OF LIBERTY Pristine to Near Mint $950 Photo One of the best
SHEPARD 6 PC. TRICK DOG Excellent $1250 Photo Nice original bank
SPEAKING DOG BLUE DRESS Pristine $5500 Photo Hard to find the rarerr blue dress in this condition
WHITE HUBLEY ELEPHANT Near Mint Call   Even has a original Hubley sticker
MULTIPLYING Excellent Plus to Pristine $2250 Photo Only bank where your money appreciates
LG. CUPOLA Excellent Plus $875 Photo Way above average example
GLOBE SAVINGS Pristine $5500 Photo One of the great painted buildings
GREY IRON WW1 DOUGHBOY Pristine $875 Photo Nice face detail
OWL SLOT IN BOOK Near Mint $1750 Photo One of the best examples that I have seen
ELEPHANT AND 3 CLOWNS Pristine Plus to Near Mint $5500 Photo Even the ball has most of its gold paint
INDIAN AND BEAR Pristine Plus Call   One of the best
HOME WITH DORMERS Excellent Plus $2500 Photo There are 100 homes without dormers for every home with dormers
LG. BOSTON STATE HOUSE Pristine Plus Call Photo Equal to the book examples(rare of the rarest)
U.S. AND SPAIN Excellent Plus $4500 Photo Has a original wood bullet
J. M. HARPER LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Pristine Call Photo One of the best examples known
PAINTED LOCOMOTIVE Pristine $3500 Photo Unusual to get the painted variant vs the plated examples
MONKEY AND COCONUT Pristine $3250 Photo Tan base example
BULLDOG PULL TAIL Excellent Plus- Pristine $1500 Photo All original
ROLLER SKATING Excellent Plus Call Photo A rare bank that is priced way under the 6 figure examples previously sold
WHITE OWL TURN HEAD Pristine Plus $8750 Photo It's been years since I have had one for sale
PADDY AND PIG Excellent Plus $2500 Photo Great with blue eyes
J. N. HIGH HAT Excellent Plus $950 Photo Hard to find in this condition
2 FROGS Pristine Plus $6500 Photo Large Frog has nice markings on its back
WHITE HEN AND CHIC Pristine Call   Rare white example
CHIEF BIG MOON Near Mint $7500 Photo Duck pond is really as good as it gets and from my collection
SPISE THE MULE BENCH Near Mint $5000 Photo Would fit into any collection
EAGLE & EAGLETTE Near Mint $4500 Photo From my collection and it has a original bellows
UNCLE SAM Excellent $2500 Photo All original example
SPISE THE MULE-BENCH Excellent Plus $2500 Photo Hard to find a yellow base in this condition
GREY OWL TURN HEAD Pristine $1500 Photo Beautiful example
SANTA AT CHIMNEY Excellent+ $1250 Photo A little late for the Holidays and the red chimney is faded
DARKTOWN Excellent+ $3750 Photo All original with pristine hats
NEW BANK Excellent+ to Pristine $2500 Photo Patent pending stencil is still visable
ORGAN CAT AND DOG Excellent+/Pristine $1500 Photo Unusual yellow jacket example, trap is replaced and has a working key
SPISE THE MULE-JOCKEY OVER Excellent Plus/ Pristine $2250 Photo Pristine horse and jockey
LARGE CITY BANK WITH CHIMNEY Excellent $3250 Photo Great color scheme
MISC. REFRIGERATORS Excellent to Near Mint $275-550 Photo Nice assortment of so rare refrigerators
ARTILLERY-CONFEDERATE Excellent $1250 Photo The rarer of the 2 Artillery banks
ORGAN CAT AND DOG Excellent Plus $1100 Photo A nice example of a all original bank
HUMPTY DUMPTY Excellent Plus $3250 Photo A nice all original example
LION AND 2 MONKEYS Excellent Plus-92% $2500 Photo All original top top monkey




HATHAWAY VAN Excellent Plus $2250 Photo Original back door -no excuses truck
ARCADE WHITE MERCHANTS MOVING VAN Excellent to Pristine $4750 Photo Rare Moving Van with original advertising
2 BLIMPS Excellent - Near Mint $275-625 Photo All original
MISC. DOG PAPERWEIGHTS Excellent -Mint $25-100 Photo Almost everyone has a dog but you don't have to feed these
MISC. PAPERWEIGHTS-ANIMAL Pristine-Near Mint $25-125 Photo Fun items that complement the toys and banks
MACK 6 WHITE BUS Pristine to Near Mint $4750 Photo A truly great example with perfect rubber tires
KILGORE TAT AIRPLANE Near Mint $2750 Photo One of the truly airplanes
LARGE SCOTTIE DOORSTOP Near Mint $875 Photo Anybody have a real Scottie?
FRUIT BASKET DOORSTOPS Pristine $250 Photo Ex Judy's collection
2 GREYHOUND BUSES Near Mint $375 each Photo Tires are without flat spots
POPEYE, OLIVE OIL AND WIMPY Pristine to Near Mint $975 Photo Great set!
ATTA BOY PAPERWEIGHT Near Mint $875 Photo One of the best known
HUBLEY BOOKENDS Near Mint-98% $250 Photo All time favorite subject matter
2- 6" HD BIKES Excellent Plus- Pristine $350-650 Photo Great highlights
8 1/2" HUBLEY LADDER TRUCK Pristine-95% $350 Photo Original figures and ladders
HUBLEY STREET SWEEPER Pristine-94% $4750 Photo Rarely find this toy complete;one tire is flat
PAPER WEIGHT AND BOTTLE OPENERs Pristine $35-110 Photo Fun accent items
HUBLEY LARGE SCOTTY DOORSTOP Pristine-95% $950 Photo From Judy's collection





Original light still lights (over 75 years old?)



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