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Welcome to my web page! I have been a dealer of cast iron banks and toys for 40 years and look at every transaction as a investment in a long term relationship.  I am also very active in the mechanical bank collectors as follows: past president, long term member of the board of directors, hosted 5 conventions, active member of the pricing  guide committee and a active contributor to the "Mechanical Banker" { 3X/year news magazine}. I am also very active in the Still Bank Collectors of America and a long term contributing member of the Toy Collectors of America organizations.


PUNCH & JUDY Excellent Plus $1250 Photo Very popular bank
NOVELTY Pristine $1000 Photo Never seen "gold lettering" in 40 years
CABIN Pristine $750 Photo Way above average
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Pristine $5500 Photo One of the best known example
2 STILLS-BOY SCOUT & AUNT JEMIMA Excellent $125 each Photo Xmas present ?
2 STILLS-2 TROLLEYS Pristine $400 choice Photo Look close because one is Grey iron and the other U.S.
2 STILLS-BUSTER BROWN & TIGE & HUBLEY RABBIT Very good & Pristine $60-150 Photo Any animal lovers
2 STILLS-I HEAR A CALL & HUBLEY KITTY Near mint & Pristine $100-150 Photo I hear the calling
LION HUNTER Excellent $5000 Photo All original; the base is a grade better than Teddy
LIGHTHOUSE Excellent $3250 Photo This example has both base tabs
TABBY Excellent $1100 Photo Red base
LARGE SECURITY BANK Excellent Plus $325 Photo I also have the combination
WATCH DOG SAFE Excellent Plus $875 Photo Replaced bellows
PRESTO Pristine $550 Photo Way above average
CHIEF BIG MOON Pristine $3750 Photo Great action and subject matter
SPEAKING DOG BLUE DRESS Pristine $5000 Photo Rare variation
NOVELTY-RED, WHITE,& BLUE Pristine $1500 Photo Pristine plus figure
ORGAN MEDIUM Pristine $750 Photo 1 of 4 series of Organ banks
MULE ENTERING BARN Excellent $750 Photo Any farm collector looking
BULL DOG PULL TAIL Pristine $2500 Photo Nice original example
WILLIAM TELL Near Mint $3750 Photo A top 10 example
GREY IRON COTTAGE W/ PORCH Pristine $425 Photo Consider this building-why not?
LG. CUPOLA Excellent Plus $875 Photo Way above average example

*My compute reader isn't working



POPEYE, OLIVE OIL & WIMPY Pristine -Near Mint $625 Photo Hard to find the complete set
LITTLE BOY BLUE,DUTCH GIRL & BOY WITH DERBY HAT Pristine Plus $125-150 Photo Another Hubley grouping of paper weights
HARLEY JR. CYCLE Near Mint $500 Photo Desirable cast iron wheels
KENTON DUMP TRUCK Pristine $625 Photo Tough example to find
SAMBO BLINKING EYE CLOCK Excellent Plus $1500 Photo Clock works and eyes blink when wound
MOTORCYCLE Excellent $400 Photo All original example
HUBLEY BOOKENDS Near Mint-98% $250 Photo All time favorite subject matter





Original light still lights (over 75 years old?)



The items listed above are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.
I am always looking to buy quality collections or individual items in pristine condition.


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