Welcome to my web page! I have been a dealer of cast iron banks and toys for 40 years and look at every transaction as a investment in a long term relationship.  I am also very active in the mechanical bank collectors as follows: past president, long term member of the board of directors, hosted 5 conventions, active member of the pricing  guide committee and a active contributor to the “Mechanical Banker” { 3X/year news magazine}. I am also very active in the Still Bank Collectors of America and a long term contributing member of the Toy Collectors of America organizations.

Updated 2/8/2022


BOY ROBBING BIRDS NESTNear MintCallWow, a real keeper
PATRONIZE THE BLIND MANNear MintCallWow, another keeper
TAMMANYNear Mint$2500Hard to beat
HALL'S EXCELSIORExcellent Plus$375
CREEDMOORExcellent Plus$625All original
MONKEY & PARROTPristine$625Mfg. by Saalheimer & Strauss, Germany
POOR TIRED TIMExcellent Plus$150Still bank
SWEET THRIFT W/DOORExcellent Plus$250Mfg. by Beverly Novelty Corp., N.Y.
DINAH SHORT SLEEVESPristine$1000Hard to beat condition
JOLLY N-BUTTERFLY TIEPristine to Near Mint$1250Mfg. by John Harper, England
JOLLY N-SHEPHARDExcellent Plus$1500Rare to find an example in this condition & original base
JOLLY N-YELLOW BOW TIEPristine$1000Mfg. by Chamberlin and Hill
IVES PALACEPristine$1750100% original
JOLLY N COLLECTION BOXExcellent $2500Never had one previously
GREY IRON BOYExcellent Plus $500Hard to find bank
2 BOATS: OREGON & MAINEExcellent Plus $250/300Popular stills
LINCOLN BANK W/ ORIG. BOXExcellent Plus $375It doesn't come any better
HARPER J.N.Excellent Plus $750Nice English bank
ROOSTERExcellent Plus $625Original
LILIPUTExcellent Plus$1500Love the yellow and red combination, trap is original but repaired
TOWER BANK-GLOBE SAVINGSPristine$2500All original
LEAP FROGExcellent Plus$1750All original ,the scratch on the back wall is not a crack
PADDY & PIGExcellent Plus$1750All original
BOY ON TRAPEZEExcellent$2500Great value
GERMAN STILLPristine Plus $375Lead bank with original lock
HUMPTY DUMPTY Excellent red and yellow highlights $1500 Very popular nursery rhime theme
JN TRADE CARD Near Mint $750 J. Wannamaker, Philadephia Advertising
RED BALL SAFE Excellent Plus $375 Hard to find bank
APPLEPristine$1250 Great paint condition but darker than most


WICKINS CITY OF NY STEAM BOATExcellent$1500100% original with no breaks or touch up
HUBLEY COUPE & 2 PC RACE CARExcellent Plus$100 - $150Coupe is 6"
Race car is 4.5"
HUBLEY NUCAR TRANSPORTPristine$2500Never seen a better one
HUBLEY OVERHEAD GOLFERNear Mint$1500Example is from Judy's collection - back has Hubley sticker
HUBLEY PUTTERPristine to Near Mint$1250Rare door stop
NAUTICAL CIGAR CUTTERPristine$250Any boater that smoke?
ARCADE STAKE TRUCKPristine$1750All original
FARMER VAN Excellent $5000Wonderful hose drawn circus with deluxe horses and original gate
SMALL GOAT CART Excellent Plus $1250 Great goat pulled wagon-rare
HUBLEY DOG DISH Mint $375 Never seen this before
WHO DAR CEASAR BELL TOY Near Mint $2250 I can't imagine there is a better example-too bad it wasn't painted vs jappaned
JONAH BELL TOY Excellent Plus $1750 Figure is touched up to match, rare bell toy
HUBLEY SEDAN AND TRAILER Excellent to Pristine $1250 Cab is missing the clicker , otherwise they are all original
1955 CHEVY WITH STAND Mint$350Great detail
CHRIS CRAFT Pristine $3750 A Don Kaufman treasure

The items listed above are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.
I am always looking to buy quality collections or individual items in pristine condition.