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Welcome to my web page! I have been a dealer of cast iron banks and toys for 40 years and look at every transaction as a investment in a long term relationship.  I am also very active in the mechanical bank collectors as follows: past president, long term member of the board of directors, hosted 5 conventions, active member of the pricing  guide committee and a active contributor to the "Mechanical Banker" { 3X/year news magazine}. I am also very active in the Still Bank Collectors of America and a long term contributing member of the Toy Collectors of America organizations.


RECLINING CHINAMAN Pristine CALL Photo Tough bank to get in any condition let alone "all original"
ORGAN AND DANCING BEAR Excellent Plus $5000 Photo One of 5 clockwork mechanicals
SPISE THE MULE-YELLOW BASE Excellent Plus $2500 Photo Yellow base is hard to find
SPEAKING DOG-RED DRESS Pristine Plus /Near Mint CALL Photo A real keeper
LION HUNTER Excellent $5000 Photo All original; the base is a grade better than Teddy
LIGHTHOUSE Excellent $3250 Photo This example has both base tabs
TABBY Excellent $1100 Photo Red base
MONKEY AND COCONUT Pristine $3250 Photo Won't last long
MEMORIAL BELL Pristine $1500 Photo It has origional operating instructions attached to the base
HALL'S EXCELSIOR Excellent Plus $625 Photo One of many variations
2 DIFFERENT TROLLEY'S Pristine $250-500 Photo One has a screw vs twist pin
LARGE SECURITY BANK Excellent Plus $325 Photo I also have the combination
WATCH DOG SAFE Excellent Plus $875 Photo Replaced bellows
PRESTO Pristine $550 Photo Way above average
CHIEF BIG MOON Pristine $3750 Photo Great action and subject matter
SPEAKING DOG BLUE DRESS Pristine $6250 Photo Rare variation
NOVELTY-RED, WHITE,& BLUE Pristine $1500 Photo Pristine plus figure
ORGAN MEDIUM Pristine $750 Photo 1 of 4 series of Organ banks
MULE ENTERING BARN Pristine $1500 Photo Any farm collector looking
BULL DOG PULL TAIL Excellent Plus $2500 Photo Nice original example
WILLIAM TELL Near Mint $3750 Photo A top 10 example
GREY IRON COTTAGE W/ PORCH Pristine $425 Photo Consider this building-why not?
LG. CUPOLA Excellent Plus $875 Photo Way above average example




SAMBO BLINKING EYE CLOCK Excellent Plus $1500 Photo Clock works and eyes blink when wound
MOTORCYCLE Excellent $400 Photo All original example
HUBLEY BOOKENDS Near Mint-98% $250 Photo All time favorite subject matter





Original light still lights (over 75 years old?)



The items listed above are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.
I am always looking to buy quality collections or individual items in pristine condition.


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